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Erasmus + traineeships 

Erasmus+ is a 2014-2020 educational programme of the European Union.

Within its framework students can apply for traineeships in other countries participating in the programme. On each of the three levels of studies you can benefit from one or several mobilities totalling up to 12 months. The minimum traineeship period is 2 months.  Students of uniform five-year studies can apply for internships for a period of up to 24 months. The total sum of months consists of all previous Erasmus LLP mobilities at each level of studies.  

The programme permits graduate mobility within one year from graduation, and its duration is included in the sum of all mobility periods at the level of studies at which the student was qualified for the scholarship. You should go through the recruitment process in the last year of your studies.

The traineeship should relate to your chosen field of studies.

Participating countries:    

  • EU member states,
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway,
  • Turkey,  Macedonia.

The traineeship can be served at:

an enterprise/company,  research and academic institution, non-profit organisation or other institution (museum, library, hospital etc.)  

The traineeship cannot be served at:   

Scholarship amount

The Erasmus grant is supplementary and meant to cover the gap in the cost of living between your home and receiving country. It is funded from EU sources. Students receiving the Erasmus grant retain the right to all other benefits like academic performance award, maintenance benefit or ministerial scholarship.

The amount of one month's scholarship is determined by the National Erasmus Agency and differentiated according to countries:

In 2014/2015 academic year a monthly Erasmus+ scholarship amounts to:

More information on