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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

The Institute of Political Science

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Global Security – BA Specialization

The aim of the specialization is to provide the student with extended knowledge on Global security issues in contemporary global politics. The courses are to familiarize the students with basic principles of how a global community functions and what roles do state and non-state actors play in it. The main focus is laid on the issue of security and how does it change in the globalizing world, especially the changing role of the state and its implications for the international order and broader, for the international relations. The dilemma between embracing the forces of globalization and opposing them is in the centre of discussion among IR specialists nowadays. 

Another important conundrum that policy-makers are facing, is the balance between security and efficiency. In other words, the opening up to globalization allows countries to benefit from eg. international trade, immigration which contribute to the growth and economic welfare. On the other side, apart from the obvious benefits, the downsides of global integration such as terrorism, cyber terrorism interdependency of states and limited control over the country’s economy come into play. Students will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge about non-state actors such as international organizations, NGO’s or Transnational Corporations, i.e. the new stakeholders in the system of global security. Moreover students will learn about: the process of widening the concept of security (national security, international security, human security, cultural security, ecological security etc.); the process securitization; security
communities and many others.