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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

The Institute of Political Science

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Major research projects

  1. “Media and Information Literacy & Innovative Teaching Methods Laboratory” – project under the European Union  Erasmus + Program (2018–2020).
  2. “European Journalism Observatory” – international network of research institutes and project financed by Fondazione per il Corriere del Ticino, Swiss National Science Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation Stiftung Pressehaus NRZ and Stiftung FAZIT (2013–2016).
  3. “Journalism in Change. Journalistic Culture in Poland, Russia and Sweden.” – project financed by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies (2011–2014).
  4. “Media Accountability and Transparency in Europe (MediaAct)” – project   financed by the European Commission 7th Framework Program (2010–2013).
  5. “Crisis in Media. Media in Crisis.” – project conducted by Pan-European University in Bratislava and University of Wrocław as part of the Polish-Slovak Government Bilateral Co-operation Program (2010–2011).