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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

The Institute of Political Science

You are here: Home > Students > News > Call for abstracts for the conference “Current political thinking in Central and Eastern Europe” Wroclaw 4th December 2019

Call for abstracts for the conference “Current political thinking in Central and Eastern Europe”, Wroclaw, 4th December 2019


Deadline for submitting an abstract: 22nd November 2019


The Institute of Political Science of the University of Wroclaw invites students and PhD candidates to submit their proposals for the XVII International Student Conference “Politics & Society in Central and Eastern Europe”, 4th December 2019. The conference is designed to enable the presentation of research findings by young researchers interested in current developments in Central and Eastern European politics and societies.


The theme for the upcoming conference is “Current political thinking in Central and Eastern Europe”.


When it comes to political thought, political scientists usually focus on studying the legacy of the most influential thinkers who presented their ideas about political order. Hence, they examine Aristotle, Aquinas, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Marx, and other classics of “history of political thought” and “modern political thought” – as the disciplines are labelled. However, political thought has by no means ceased to exist. Rather, as political systems were becoming more republican and democratic, political thinking became more collective. As a result, it is not limited to the ideas of philosophers, but also involves political movements and parties. But aren’t political actors, unlike philosophers and intellectuals, much more focused on the practicalaspects and much more goals-oriented? Indeed, but in a broad sense, political thought covers both political philosophy and “the thought” developed by political actors (e.g. by the feminist movement or a conservative party).


We are calling for proposals addressing the following as well as other topics related to the theme of the conference:


To submit an abstract, please fill in a registration form you can find HERE , and send it to


Important dates:


Additional information:

Organizing Committee:


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